Lee Steen: A Montana Original

Outsider Gallery
Permanent Display

View the permanent installation of art from the museum collection by Montana artist Lee Steen.
Whether or not one accepts Lee Steen's categorization as an Outsider Artist, it is undeniable that his sculptures possess a magical quality that defies precise definition. Removed from their natural habitat and placed in a gallery, the stick figures that once graced Montana roadsides still vividly evoke the magic of their creator's world.

Terry Karson: Ruins I-VI

Dufresne and Cobb Foundations Gallery

Terry Karson’s “Ruins” exemplify the beautiful possibilities of working with post consumer waste.  Grandiose in size and equally so in impact, each of the six columns titled Ruins 1-VI are meticulously created from cardboard packaging.  Each tile is cut from scrap cardboard waste that Karson saved from the landfill and repurposed for his exhibitions.  The works are sanded and waxed, leaving viewers with an abstracted color field alluding to the past advertisement. The tiles are then affixed in precise rows to the plywood columns which measure 2 x 2 x 9 feet.